Feng Shui Turkey | Advanced Formulas of Wellbeing with Five Elements by Master Victoria Hilinich
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Advanced Formulas of Wellbeing with Five Elements by Master Victoria Hilinich


If, like us, you are drawn by the magnetism of the profound world of Chinese Metaphysics, you will be amazed to learn about the impact of the five elements on your life quality and health. You will be yearning to delve deeper still.


Victoria Hilinich who is a master of the International Feng Shui Association, the member of the Sinology Association of Ukraine, an interior designer and at the same time a medical doctor will be visiting Turkey in May for the first time to teach an advanced course.


She will be emphasizing the connection between health and Chinese Astrology, and look into the effects of the five elements of Chinese metaphysics on our wellbeing. She will be presenting the results of medical research conducted on 300 clinical cases.


Over the five years of her research, Master Hilinich categorized her patients according to their elements. She recorded her diagnoses, the therapies she perscribed and the prognoses. With this amazing body of data Master Hilinich will give you the keys to preserving your youth and health with invaluable advice on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.


This course is especially suitable for health professionals, life coaches and anyone who works with people or would like to get to know themselves better, giving them a completely new outlook.


Advanced Formulas of Wellbeing with Five Elements’’ will take place 5-7 May 2017 at ITU Maçka Sosyal Tesisleri. Please click the links below for more information and registration.


Part 1 (12 hours lessons)

  • The 5 elements in the primary sources of Chinese medicine.
  • The 12 meridians and the 5 elements.
  • The algorithm of treatment in Chinese medicine.
  • Disease Prophylaxis.
  • Life style according Chinese Medicine Classics.
  • Diet by the 5 elements.
  • Vitality Nourishment. Additional methods of preserving youth and health.
  • Emotions and 5 elements. Finding the balance according Chinese Medicine Classics.
  • Correspondence tables of systems of the body according to the 5 elements.
  • Prognosis of recovery, restoration, life and death in case of illness on the Chinese Medicine Classics.


Part 2 (12 hours lessons)

  • Special combinations in the date of birth, indicating a person’s predisposition to disease.
  • The algorithm of treatment in Bazi.
  • Disease Prophylaxis. Preventive ways to maintain identity by Bazi.
  • Methods of treatment and diagnosis by 5 elements and Bazi for the individual.
  • Types of vacation and travel to recuperate.
  • Diet by the 5 elements and Bazi.
  • Lifestyle according to Bazi.
  • Symbolic Stars, the impact on health.
  • Emptiness in Bazi and its impact on health.
  • The conductivity of the person and its health by 12 stages in Bazi.
  • Sports and exercise choice according to Bazi.
  • Emotions and 5 elements. Finding the balance on the Bazi.
  • Beauty and Bazi.
  • The choice of the date of surgery for Bazi.
  • Prognosis of recovery, restoration, life and death in case of illness on the Bazi.
  • The empirical findings from a collection of more than 300 clinical cases.


This course will be conducted in Russian. Turkish and English simultaneous translation will be present.


Date: 5-7 May 2017


Trainer: Master Victoria Hilinich (Please click to learn more about Master Hilinich)


Course Duration:

Part 1: 1,5 Days (09:30 – 17:30, 09:30 – 13:00)

Part 2: 1,5 Days (14:00 – 17:30, 09:30 – 17:30)


Course Fee:

Part 1: 400 Euro + VAT

Part 2: 300 Euro + VAT

The total price will be 600 Euro + VAT if both courses purchased.

Early bird discounts of 10% until March 3, 2017.



Part 1: Free

Part 2: Basic Bazi course



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