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What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art of choosing the correct location and organizing spaces to live in the best way. Our flow of life is dependent largely on our surroundings. In some places we find peace, comfort, happiness and a sense of belonging, whereas in others we feel blocked or weakened. When we are in the right place (location), life becomes more beautiful, healthy and meaningful.


Feng Shui is a guide to help us find the right locations and organizing our spaces where the flow of nature aligns with the flow within ourselves.

With a history of 6000 years, Feng Shui is an ancient body of knowledge which has spread to the whole World from China.


In the Far East people believe in the existence of the energy they call Chi or Qi. Chi is life force. It exists in nature, in the Universe, in our bodies as well as all the places where we live. Buildings are containers of Chi. Therefore, when analyzing the Feng Shui of a building, first the outside surrounding of the building is examined. The main challenge is to find the point of highest positive energy and determining the exact site for your construction.


Architecture of a building, its construction plan, landscaping, colors and types of materials used all have effects on our well being. These all have to be designed according to the correct flow of Chi, the balance of yin & yang and the harmony of the five principle elements. These elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.


Feng Shui is not only limited to physical surroundings. There are invisible cosmic energies which influence us as well. These change over time. Therefore when analyzing a building, one has to take the present time and the near future into consideration. Feng Shui enables us to look into the past and future influences we are under. It is an essential tool which we have to use when choosing a new house, an office or as we make an important real estate investment.


With a Feng Shui Analysis you can:


  • Select an auspicious construction site
  • Locate your building in the position which maximizes positive energies
  • Choose the best apartment, point or room within a building.
  • Design the inside of a building to support health, peace and harmony at a maximum level. For example, bedrooms, hallways, wet areas, executive spaces, meeting rooms, cash registers in stores, marketing, sales, accounting departments in offices can be located strategically.
  • Place your furniture in the most correct way
  • Determine the rooms for family members or company executives in the best way
  • Select color harmony and decorative elements to favor each room/person
  • Update yearly in order to benefit from energies which bring abundance.


A detailed Feng Shui analysis requires an on-site evaluation. The measurements and directions of the building/venue is carefully taken. Analysis of the birth dates of the people who will use the space is conducted for an evaluation of personal luck and to find out the requirements.

Generally a Feng Shui Evaluation is done in two stages. In the first interview, the space is analyzed in detail. Depending on the size and use of the space, this takes about one-two hours. Later the plans are analyzed to make recommendations. A period of a week should be allowed between the two interviews.


For a detailed analysis you have to provide the following:

  • The finishing date of the building’s construction
  • The building or apartments plan in scale.
  • Birth dates of the people who will be using the space (day, month, year, hour and place of birth)