Feng Shui Turkey | Ana Sayfa
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I Ching Sessions

I Ching is a technique of foreseeing the future using symbols called trigrams and hexagrams. The person determines a question they wish to ask and receives an answer with the aid of this technique. It is a great tool when you are faced with a difficult question.


This system is one of the most ancient future prediction techniques of the Chinese people. It has a history of 6000 years and it is known to have been the tool consulted by ancient emperors as well as noblemen.


With your question in mind you toss three metal coins six times.  This way the hexagrams are formed and evaluated. Your question needs to be clear and specific. The time frame has to be preferably under a year. Good examples of questions to ask are “Will I be able to sell my house in the next six months?” or “Will I be promoted to my aspired position within six months?”