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Feng Shui Consulting

Every time you break the ground, or erect a building on Earth, all the people on it are affected. Therefore making decisions based on the best energy flow both inside and outside of a building, having chosen the best construction site and erecting the most suitable building is of utmost importance. Good will as well as the value you give to your family, your employees and humanity at large has to lie at the foundation of your building. This is the exact reason why Feng Shui principles are applied in building projects.


Below are some of the topics Feng Shui Consulting can help you with:

  • You can determine your construction site
  • You can locate your building maximizing the effects of positive energies
  • You can choose the best apartment/spot/room
  • You can decorate and organize inside design to maximize health, productivity, peace and harmony. For example bedrooms, entrances, wet areas, executive offices, conference rooms, cash points in stores, marketing, sales, accounting departments can be placed in the best strategic locations
  • You can organize your furniture in the best way
  • You can choose the best rooms for family or company executives
  • You can use colors and decorative objects suitable to each room and person
  • With yearly updates, you can find out about energies which will increase productivity and profitability.


For a detailed analysis you have to provide

  • The Construction date of the building
  • The plan of the building or unit to scale
  • The birth dates of the people who will live or work there (day, month, year and place of birth


For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@esrakoyuncu.com