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Rhythm Of Life Athens

Understanding life as a permanent pulsation between extension and contraction, leads to the insight that everything in the universe has its own rhythm. People, as well as plants, natural forces, even planets have their own rhythms created by an individual sequence of change between the poles of extension and contraction. In human beings the harmony of this rhythm creates a state of health, whereas its imbalance causes disease.


This rhythm pulsates either in harmony or misbalance, and not only within a human, but within all other universal manifestations. There is an interaction of all these individual rhythms influencing each other continuously.


The ancient mathematic (binary – yin yang) system of I Ching is a perfect instrument to describe these phenomena of interaction and it is the very source of the system of Five Elements, which is the fundament of QI GONG and FENG SHUI. Both disciplines originate from ancient China and aim to create balance, inside and out, using the Five Elements.


ESRA KOYUNCU, Turkey’s first Feng Shui Master and STEFAN RIPPEL, internationally recognized healer and author together formed a system to transfer and apply this ancient wisdom to the requirements of the modern 21st century lifestyle. To match individual needs and interests in the most suitable way they offer a wide range of specified modules to choose from after attending the obligatory general introduction. Each further module is designed to teach how to integrate the powerful system of the Five Elements into different aspects of our daily life.




Announcement and Program


Emotions set us in motion. There are emotions which create destructive patterns, stealing our energy and ruining our physical health. In this weekend we teach how to transform anxiety into gentleness, anger into cheerfulness, jealousy into love, depression into courage and sadness into receptiveness.

We will be provided with tools to change our houses to increase the flow of energy. So we can break the patterns which are obstacles to our development. Instead we will help transform them into emotional harmony. And we will learn how we can use astrology to better understand the individual design of our characters.


10:00 Lecture with Esra and Stefan about key points of five elements, chinese astrology, Feng Shui and inner alchemy.

11:00 Lecture with Esra and Stefan about emotions seen from the perspective of five elements and chinese astrology

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Creating emotional balance by arranging your home and workplace with Esra

16:00 Healing sounds and Fusion, silent QI Gong meditations with Stefan

18:00 Closing talk



10:00 Lecture with Esra and Stefan about keeping and protecting emotional balance, inside and out.

11:00 Lecture with Esra and Stefan about using the I-Ching as guideline to emotional balance

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Creating emotional balance and financial stability by adapting yourself to seasons and changing times

16:00 Going deeper in healing sounds and fusion, silent QI Gong Meditations with Stefan

18:00 Farewell


Trainers: Stefan Rippel, Esra Koyuncu

Dates: 3-4 November 2018

Prerequisite: None

Course Venue: Women for Life Center, Gregor. Xenopoulou street, 10, Neo Psychico, Athens 15451

Course Fee: The early bird price to 190€ +VAT  for full payment till the 20th September. Course fee 230€ +VAT


Price includes course fees and coffee breaks. Flight, transfers and accomodotion are paid separately by guests.


Registration: Mrs. Margarita, Tel: +30 697 250 90 64,  E-mail: margdiamond21@yahoo.gr


Please click for training schedule