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Feng Shui Course London

Now is the time to transform and renew yourself. You are invited to keep in step with the spirit of the times by attending a five-day Feng Shui Workshop. During this workshop we will teach you the ways of renewing and transforming your life along with your environment. The tools you acquire will not only improve your life, but may lead towards a fresh new career. This will be a London debut for Esra Koyuncu, an IFSA (International Feng Shui Association) certified master. Reserve yourself a space in this special workshop now. Do not miss this occasion to improve your life.



Introduction to Feng Shui. History, origin, and basic theories. Introduction to the Flying stars school. Drawing of Flying star charts, practical procedures to carry out a feng shui job. Feng Shui maintenance and cure. Introduction to Form school. External shars and interior decoration. Feng shui objects and cures. Feng Shui maintenance and forecasting. Substitute stars.


  1. Chinese Cosmology
  2. Feng Shui – the meaning, history and traditions
  3. Physical environment and directional forces
  4. Background to Feng Shui
  5. Yin and Yang, and the 5 Elements
  6. The 8 Trigrams
  7. The Lo Shu diagram, the Ho To, concept of space
  8. Time cycle – 3 period and 9 ages
  9. Chinese numerology
  10. Flying Star school of Feng Shui
  11. Introduction to the Lo Pan and how to use it
  12. How to draw Flying Star charts
  13. How to interpret Flying Star charts
  14. Basic steps in performing Feng Shui evaluation for Yang houses
  15. Examples
  16. Feng Shui cures
  17. Feng Shui maintenance
  18. Feng Shui Form School – Landscape
  19. Feng Shui Form School techniques for Yang houses
  20. Feng Shui at home – placement of special objects: bed, desk, stove, morror,
    altar, fish tanks, plants, television, clock, special animals
  21. Feng Shui in office
  22. Special Flying Star charts
  23. Combination of numbers
  24. Kua number and their applications
  25. Ho To 5 Rat method for selecting auspicious floor
  26. Feng Shui for forecasting
  27. Substitute Stars
  28. Practical example and class discussions




Understanding of the Three Period and Three Harmony Lo Pan. The concepts of Dragon, Water, Mountain and Facing. Application of Hexagrams and the nine stars. Landscape feng shui. Introduction to Yin House theories. Advanced Flying Star theories and technique. Classical Theories related to water. Feng shui design for Home and Office. Industrial and commercial feng shui. Field work and case studies.


  1. Introduction – famous masters in history and their essential teachings
  2. In depth understanding of the Lo Pan and classical Feng Shui
  3. San Yuen – 3 period school essential teachings
    • Ring of 64 Hexagrams, Dragon, Mountain, Water, Facing
    • Kua number and Star numbers
    • Drawing the line of Hexagrams to change the image
  4. San Ke – 3 Harmony School essential teachings
    • Origin of Earth Plate, Man’s Plate and Heaven Plate, and their applications
    • Yin and Yang of Earth Plate in 3 Harmony School
    • Na Jia – aasigning 24 mountain to trigrams
  5. Man’s Plate in depth study
  6. Water methods:
    • San Yuen – 8 Dragon Gate Water method
    • San Ke – Heaven’s Plate Double Mountain Water method
    • Yellow Killing Water
    • 8 Shar Yellow Killing
    • 9 Star Water method
    • 5 Ghost Transporting Wealth
  7. In depth study and practical example of all water methods
  8. Flying Stars in depth studies:
    • Castle Gate theory
    • 7 Stars Robbery
    • 30 rules for Yang houses
    • Master Shen’s Yin and Yang house examples
  9. Flying Star classical examples
  10. Arranging the Dragon
  11. Great Sun Formula
  12. Practical examples and group discussions



This is a day to put theories into practice. We’ll work on a real project of Feng Shui from A to Z.


Trainer: Esra Koyuncu

Dates: October 26-30, 2018

Course Schedule: 4 full days, half day on site trainig (10:30 – 17:30)

Prerequisite: None

Course Venue: To be announced.

Course Fee: 1300 GBP. Early bird price of 1200 GBP for payment until September 15, 2018.

Registration: Atiye Ebru Karakus, Tel: 07946342210, E-mail: info1ebru@gmail.com


Please click for  training schedule.