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Feng Shui Education with Esra Koyuncu

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese knowledge that studies the effects of the environment on human life. The energies people receive from their environment affect their quality of life such as health, peace and abundance. The Chinese have detected 9 different types of energy around us. Some of these will bring abundance, abundance, health and harmony to our lives, while others will create obstacles and troubles.

The purpose of a Feng Shui analysis is to be able to design houses and buildings in which basic functions are positioned correctly. In this way, the effective use of positive energies is provided, and the effects of negative energies are minimized.

Discover the art of drawing the forces of nature into your space with Feng Shui to add more peace, health, abundance and abundance to your life ...

This course will give you a solid background to understand and start practicing Feng Shui.


Module 1 - BASIC LEVEL (6 hours)

Introduction to Feng Shui Philosophy

• What is Feng Shui?
• What are its effects on our lives?
Brief history of Feng Shui
• Chi
• Yin / Yang
5 Elements
• Ba Gua

Form School - Compass School

• Environmental factors
• Architectural factors
• Dos / don'ts
Feng Shui currents
8 Household Schools
• Your Auspicious Aspects


Module 2 - FORMULAS (8 hours)

Flying Stars

• Trigrams
Chinese calendar
• Time cycles
• Luo Shu square
• He Tu
Flying Star calculation
• Using Compass
Drawing skills
• Answers


Module 3 - ADVANCED (6 hours)

Annual Interactions

• Outline of the year 2021 Ox
• Calculating annual, monthly and daily flying stars
Interactions of annual stars with the current chart
• The effects of flying stars on space

Annual Problematic Aspects

• Grand Duke
• Sui Po
San Sha
5 Yellow Demolitions
3 Destructive Forces

Creating a Solution

• Solutions to annual effects
• Auspicious objects

Introduction to Chinese Astrology

• Harmony of the person with the place


With this course, you will gain:

• You will learn the traditional and original Feng Shui rules applied by the Chinese and you will be able to start practicing in a short time.
• You will be able to produce solutions by increasing your awareness with your own environment. With this seminar, you will gain information that you cannot find in any book, and you will be able to put your Feng Shui knowledge on a solid foundation.
• With simple expression and visual support, it will be much easier for you to comprehend and to integrate with the subject.
• You will step into a philosophy that will affect your whole life in a short time.
• Participants in the seminar will be given a course booklet, a direction template and a certificate of attendance.


Training Date and Participation Fee:
9-10 January 2021        1.200 TL (6 hours)      Saturday-Sunday 11:00 - 14:00
16-17 January 2021      2.800 TL (8 hours)      Saturday-Sunday 14:00 - 18:00
23-24 January 2021      1.500 TL (6 hours)      Saturday-Sunday 11:00 - 14:00
30 January 2021           Free (1 hour)              Saturday 12:00


Total 5.500 TL 15%
discount for all three purchases 4,675 TL

5% early registration discount is applied for registrations made until December 4, 2020.

Course Participation Conditions: Everyone can participate. If you cannot attend one of the courses for any reason, the registration of the course will be sent to you.

Please click to register for the training online.